Greensboro, NC | Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Photographing newborns is always such a sweet and exciting experience for me. I get to chat with folks that are experiencing parenthood for the first time, and it brings back all the memories for me. It’s fun to hear from each person how parenthood looks on one another, how this new little being is shaping them and their life. This session was just an absolute dream. I mean have you seen that rug down there?! There were so many neat details that stood out for me during this session. I had noticed the cradle on a venture to grab one of my lenses, and had asked about whether we could use it in the some of the shots. They began telling me how the cradle was actually passed down and used from her grandmother to her mother, and ultimately to her. How cool is that?! Then, a little while later the dad, his MIL, and I were chatting and he brought up one of the framed artworks on the wall. He was explaining how his grandmother would hand-dye the wool and make rugs with beautiful art. The framed whale art was a section of the rug COMPLETELY hand-made by his grandmother. I just love all the personalized details. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did.

Greensboro, NC | Headshot Photographer | Musician Headshots | Jillian

Several weeks ago I had the lovely opportunity to capture some new headshots for Jillian. As I am still learning the area, it was a super fun challenge to scope out new locations here in Greensboro. She was wanting something with some fall colors, and this meadow did not disappoint! The session was within in a week after Hurricane Michael, so I was nervous that the ground was going to be too saturated to really use. However, thanks to the full force of the sun and Jillian’s rain boots, we made it through without a hitch. After our outdoor portion of the session, we moved inside to capture some more standard headshots with my Savage background paper. (Loooove that company). It ended up being the perfect fall day, and an absolutely wonderful day for a session. Here’s a glimpse into our session:

Greensboro, North Carolina | Lifestyle Family Photography | Carrie & Todd

I am so excited to blog my first session post moving to Greensboro! Carrie and Todd were gracious enough to allow me to photograph them at their (beautiful/stunning) home a couple weeks ago. They are expecting their second little girl next month, and I adored getting the opportunity to photograph this life stage for them. I am honestly not sure whether I have had a little one be so outgoing and sweet during a session before. From picking apples to finding airplanes, and running as fast as she could towards her parents, she was just a ray of sunshine. I simply cannot wait to meet their newest addition. Until then, please enjoy a glimpse into their home family session!

Chicago, IL | Surprise Proposal and Engagement | CJ and Justin

Oh my goodness, this session was SO much fun. And cold, super cold. Justin had contacted me about the possibility of photographing his proposal to his (then) girlfriend, Charlie. During our initial phone conversation he was telling me his idea of how he wanted it go down, and it was brilliant. Their three year anniversary was coming up, and his girlfriend, Charlie, was very much into photography. She had taken some classes to learn the basics, and has a phenomenal camera. Justin's idea was to set up a (faux)tography lesson with me where she would bring all of her gear and we would talk photog things. So for the first half of the session, I had her and Justin pose to explain camera settings and whatnot. She got out her camera and tested various things on Justin, and I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed talking camera gear and settings quite a bit. I rambled on and on about how the Nature Boardwalk is a great setting because you get city and nature, and used that to transition to Justin's chosen proposal spot. The rest, well it is just complete and unbridled joy.  

Thank you so much Justin and CJ for allowing me to photograph this stupendous event. I wish you guys the best!

Evanston, IL Wedding Photographer | Winter Wedding | Ben and Rebecca

I wish I could tell you how excited I am to share part of Ben and Rebecca's big day with you. From the flowers to the paper airplanes (Yes! They had paper airplanes, so cool.) Ben and Rebecca's wedding was beautiful and incredibly sweet. Ben is brilliant with flowers and all things that grow, while Rebecca is unmatched in her brilliance in chemistry and art. My mere explanation of her Origami abilities are lacking, but everything she makes is absolutely stunning. Ben helped with all the flower arrangements, and Rebecca created the reception centerpieces. (I know I said it already, but c'mon, stunning.) I don't know if I've ever seen two individuals more in love than these two. Nobody else existed when they would look at each other, and it was such a privilege to be able to celebrate alongside them that day.  

Evanston, IL Headshot Photographer | Laura

Oh my word, y'all. It has been ages since I've done a blog post, so I am a tad overdue! I had a headshot session with Laura a few weeks ago. Laura is an entrepreneur, an oboist, a soprano, and an overall boss woman. I had a lot of fun in her session capturing all of these different aspects of her life. All of these images are lit with natural light - thank you giant window in my living room. Here are a few shots from our session: 

Morton Grove, IL Family Photographer | The Harriff Family

I had such a fun time photographing this awesome family! We had originally scheduled our session for later in the evening that day, but the weather had other ideas for us. I'm going to be honest,  I actually kind of like the sky of the impending rain better for the photos. 

Pacific City, OR Couples Photographer | PNW Photographer | Kelsey & Brandon

Kelsey and Brandon are, to say the least, two of our dearest friends. They moved out to Oregon earlier this year, and we were pretty sad. But, I just recently got back from visiting them and I can finally say that I have seen the Pacific Ocean (and had a great time seeing them, of course). And ohmyword, it is so beautiful out there. Kelsey said it was the first hot day she had experienced at the coast, and there wasn't a single cloud in sight. But that breeze off the ocean was ah-mazing. I typically don't do photo sessions when the sun is so high in the sky, but I was excited for the challenge. I am going to confidently say I think it paid off. 

Travel Photography | Lucerne, Switzerland

So I've finally picked some (a lot) of images from my trip to share with y'all. I kind of divided it up into three sections so I can explain the images a little more as you go along. Why did I go to Switzerland you ask? Andy (the husband) was accepted to play with the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra, and it seemed like it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him. So the kiddos and I fully supported him, and have been thrilled for him to have such an opportunity. The festival was (see how I used was...because he comes home today! Amen.) three weeks long, and because of some dear friends, I was able to go the middle week to visit him. Each travel day was pretty long because of shuttles, layovers, and train rides. The images start with my train from Zürich to Lucerne. After I arrived, Andy and I walked the long way back to his host house, touring a little bit on our way there. As I had been awake since 4 a.m. the previous morning (US Central Time), we stopped at a hip little coffee shop, and it was incredible. Definitely the first time I have tried oat milk - I give it a two thumbs up. The remainder of the first set includes a rehearsal location for Andy (Südpol), and my first bit of touring around on my own while Andy was in an evening rehearsal. There were so many bicyclists (so brave because they rode in-between the cars) and motorcyclists.

The second is our hike up Mt. Pilatus. I didn't capture any of the first part on my camera because I was so sweaty and exhausted I was afraid I'd drop my camera. This little wooded section is the beginning of the second leg of the mountain, it literally felt like I was in a fantasy world. I tried to take a selfie of us with my camera at various points on top of the mountain. We still had to walk a whole bunch for the rest of the day after the hike. It was something.

The final section includes me touring around Old Town during various rehearsals and scoping out all of the different street performers. I think some of them were possibly supported by the festival, but they were all incredible. You could walk every couple blocks, and there would a whole new sound and crowd. The second ensemble I saw in this group was a brass band with a clarinetist. (Would that be a polka band? All I can think of is John Candy's group from Home Alone) Well, I made my way into the crowd to get a better view and they started what I assume was a traditional song. The entire crowd linked arms and swayed together (except me because I was alone in my own row...awkward). It was pretty neat to experience.  The final photos in the section are of the outside morning concert the festival academy orchestra put on the day before I left. The instrumentalists were spread out along the pier outside KKL, making the performance a pretty all-consuming experience for the listener. It was so cool to watch the public walk in and out of the various instruments, and pause to take in the sounds the sounds they were hearing. Andy's teacher, M. Billard, is shown at the end discussing the music.

All in all, the trip was an absolute dream. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Morton Grove, IL Portrait Photographer | Elizabeth

Last week I had the opportunity to captures some portraits of Elizabeth. I asked her husband, Jim, to help explain who she is for the blog post, and I honestly think his words are better than anything that I am going to write. Without further ado, meet Elizabeth:

Elizabeth, simply put, is a super woman. She's able to keep 3 extremely active toddlers alive, well fed, all the while filling them with a sense of curiosity and an adventurous spirit. She teaches classes at the YMCA every week. She finds time to pour into her friends and make new friends every where she goes. And she somehow puts up with me. Clearly, I don't need to tell anyone how lucky I am to be her husband, and how marrying her is still the greatest decision I've made in my life. -Jim