Evanston, IL Surprise Proposal & Engagement | Krysta and Garrett

A few weeks ago, Garrett proposed to Krysta by the lake on Northwestern University's Campus and it was insanely wonderful. I was ecstatic to be able to help in Garrett's surprise because Krysta is such a sweet friend of ours. As we did our walkthrough, Garrett was explaining to me why he chose that particular location and what it meant to them. When the date finally arrived, Garrett had come over earlier in the day to deliver the picnic items and the ring. (Guys, I don't know how you hold on to those things so long and not panic 24/7.) Because Krysta had gotten off work early, we had a goal of making it a seamless transition for them to arrive and everything already be set up. So as I set the picnic up, I asked passers-by to stand in the spot so I could test my lighting (a lot). Surprisingly, folks were pretty gracious in helping me out. It was such a beautiful moment, and I was so honored to be a small part of it. Thank you Krysta and Garrett for allowing me to celebrate with you!

I asked them if they'd like to share a story about how they met, and they each wrote it up from their perspective. 

Although we usually tell people that we met in Northern Ireland, Garrett and I technically met in a church in Chicago where I thought his name was Dylan for the first 24 hours of knowing him and got to know each other at Training Camp in Pardeeville, Wisconsin. We were in the same obstacle course group and I would always fix it so that he had to pick me up to lift me over the “electric fence” obstacle. (My flirting didn’t work though because he doesn’t remember this.) As we spent more time together and I watched his kind heart serve our teammates and take bold steps for Christ, my little crush turned into writing “I can see myself marrying him” in my journal not long into the trip. Now I get to! It’s amazing to see how a trip that I had zero intention of going on until 12 days beforehand led me to a more intimate walk with Christ and to my husband! Falling in love in Ireland was pretty sweet too. - Krysta

I met Krysta while on a mission trip in Ireland. We technically first met at a church in a small suburb of Chicago before getting on a bus to rural Wisconsin, but that doesn’t sound as special. One of my first thoughts shortly after meeting Krysta was “I would really like to be friends with this person.” However, a couple days down the road that thought changed into a different one: “I could see myself marrying this girl.” Almost two years and many other thoughts later, that vision is finally a reality. On June 2nd, 2017, I asked Krysta to marry me. I have fallen in love with her kind and caring heart, her internal and external beauty, and her intense love for Christ and all of his people. Now I get to look forward to a future of falling deeper in love with her every day. -Garrett