Chicago, IL | Surprise Proposal and Engagement | CJ and Justin

Oh my goodness, this session was SO much fun. And cold, super cold. Justin had contacted me about the possibility of photographing his proposal to his (then) girlfriend, Charlie. During our initial phone conversation he was telling me his idea of how he wanted it go down, and it was brilliant. Their three year anniversary was coming up, and his girlfriend, Charlie, was very much into photography. She had taken some classes to learn the basics, and has a phenomenal camera. Justin's idea was to set up a (faux)tography lesson with me where she would bring all of her gear and we would talk photog things. So for the first half of the session, I had her and Justin pose to explain camera settings and whatnot. She got out her camera and tested various things on Justin, and I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed talking camera gear and settings quite a bit. I rambled on and on about how the Nature Boardwalk is a great setting because you get city and nature, and used that to transition to Justin's chosen proposal spot. The rest, well it is just complete and unbridled joy.  

Thank you so much Justin and CJ for allowing me to photograph this stupendous event. I wish you guys the best!

Pacific City, OR Couples Photographer | PNW Photographer | Kelsey & Brandon

Kelsey and Brandon are, to say the least, two of our dearest friends. They moved out to Oregon earlier this year, and we were pretty sad. But, I just recently got back from visiting them and I can finally say that I have seen the Pacific Ocean (and had a great time seeing them, of course). And ohmyword, it is so beautiful out there. Kelsey said it was the first hot day she had experienced at the coast, and there wasn't a single cloud in sight. But that breeze off the ocean was ah-mazing. I typically don't do photo sessions when the sun is so high in the sky, but I was excited for the challenge. I am going to confidently say I think it paid off.