Greensboro, NC | Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Photographing newborns is always such a sweet and exciting experience for me. I get to chat with folks that are experiencing parenthood for the first time, and it brings back all the memories for me. It’s fun to hear from each person how parenthood looks on one another, how this new little being is shaping them and their life. This session was just an absolute dream. I mean have you seen that rug down there?! There were so many neat details that stood out for me during this session. I had noticed the cradle on a venture to grab one of my lenses, and had asked about whether we could use it in the some of the shots. They began telling me how the cradle was actually passed down and used from her grandmother to her mother, and ultimately to her. How cool is that?! Then, a little while later the dad, his MIL, and I were chatting and he brought up one of the framed artworks on the wall. He was explaining how his grandmother would hand-dye the wool and make rugs with beautiful art. The framed whale art was a section of the rug COMPLETELY hand-made by his grandmother. I just love all the personalized details. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did.

Greensboro, North Carolina | Lifestyle Family Photography | Carrie & Todd

I am so excited to blog my first session post moving to Greensboro! Carrie and Todd were gracious enough to allow me to photograph them at their (beautiful/stunning) home a couple weeks ago. They are expecting their second little girl next month, and I adored getting the opportunity to photograph this life stage for them. I am honestly not sure whether I have had a little one be so outgoing and sweet during a session before. From picking apples to finding airplanes, and running as fast as she could towards her parents, she was just a ray of sunshine. I simply cannot wait to meet their newest addition. Until then, please enjoy a glimpse into their home family session!

Morton Grove, IL Family Photographer | The Harriff Family

I had such a fun time photographing this awesome family! We had originally scheduled our session for later in the evening that day, but the weather had other ideas for us. I'm going to be honest,  I actually kind of like the sky of the impending rain better for the photos. 

Gainesville, FL Family Photographer | The Hand Family

I don't even know where to begin on this one, folks. I feel like I could ramble about this fam for days. Jay, Rachelle, and their family are one of those rare ones that you meet and you think to yourself, "They get it. They have got this whole family thing down." We've known Jay and Rachelle for quite some time now (my husband and Jay go way back), and the love, grace, and compassion they have for everyone is something I always take note on. Rachelle is a super-mom that loves her children with a fierce amount of grace and joy. For example, two of the girls could be screaming hysterically and the other two pushing the youngest in a baby doll stroller (it's really quite adorable), and she remains calm as a cucumber and all order is restored. And not to mention, she is an incredible cook. I always leave her home inspired to work harder for my family. Andy and Jay are definitely brothers from another mother, and I love seeing them play off one another. It typically results in several instruments being played at top volume, beautifully, of course, and a sing-along ensues. Like I said, I could go on and on about these folks. So many people are so quick to point out the negatives in people these days, and I find it important to highlight the people that are working hard and loving their family an incredible way. So, keep going guys. You're doing an insanely beautiful job.