Greensboro, NC | Headshot Photographer | Musician Headshots | Jillian

Several weeks ago I had the lovely opportunity to capture some new headshots for Jillian. As I am still learning the area, it was a super fun challenge to scope out new locations here in Greensboro. She was wanting something with some fall colors, and this meadow did not disappoint! The session was within in a week after Hurricane Michael, so I was nervous that the ground was going to be too saturated to really use. However, thanks to the full force of the sun and Jillian’s rain boots, we made it through without a hitch. After our outdoor portion of the session, we moved inside to capture some more standard headshots with my Savage background paper. (Loooove that company). It ended up being the perfect fall day, and an absolutely wonderful day for a session. Here’s a glimpse into our session:

Morton Grove, IL Portrait Photographer | Elizabeth

Last week I had the opportunity to captures some portraits of Elizabeth. I asked her husband, Jim, to help explain who she is for the blog post, and I honestly think his words are better than anything that I am going to write. Without further ado, meet Elizabeth:

Elizabeth, simply put, is a super woman. She's able to keep 3 extremely active toddlers alive, well fed, all the while filling them with a sense of curiosity and an adventurous spirit. She teaches classes at the YMCA every week. She finds time to pour into her friends and make new friends every where she goes. And she somehow puts up with me. Clearly, I don't need to tell anyone how lucky I am to be her husband, and how marrying her is still the greatest decision I've made in my life. -Jim