Greensboro, NC | Headshot Photographer | Tracy

Guys, I loved this session so much. Tracy had contacted me prior to the holidays about getting some new headshots. We looked at our calendars, set a date, and I started planning. Then, Greensboro got slammed by 12” of snow. We tried to reschedule, and then the snow and sickness ended up just getting the best of us. Flash forward to January and we were finally able to get together. I think the word that best describes this session is ‘elegant’. Because holy moly, I feel like she ‘smized’ her way through this entire session. Not to mention, that gown! (From Anthropologie I believe) Also, for this session I used my version of ‘v-flats’. V-flat’s are quite pricy (and an eventual dream), so I went to the Dollar Tree. I bought multiple foam core boards (think science project board in a way) and with creativity, made my own v-flats. (The grey backdrop, as always, is from Savage Universal). Here’s a glimpse into our session: